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F300 digital neutral safety switch

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  • F300 digital neutral safety switch

    I have a 2011 single F300 digital on my Grady. The past 2 summers the binnacle has been acting up where there is a rough spot when accelerating the throttle. If I move the throttle back and forth it eventually loosens up and is OK. So far, I have not found a fix for this short of taking it all apart which I am reluctant to do so I have learned to live with it so far.
    Moving on to this summer. The past couple of trips I have noticed that when I turn the key to start the engine nothing happens. No clicks, nothing. I then move the stick into forward gear and then back into reverse a couple of times and back to neutral. It then will start. This leads me to believe there is an issue with the neutral safety lockout in the binnacle.
    Is there a fix for all these issues or do I need a new control box? If so does anyone have a good part number? I believe that Yamaha has discontinued my particular box. Also, If a new box is required, it has to go to a Yamaha dealer so the new box can be paired with the ECU. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.