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Upgraded to 2020 VF225 Trim gauge not working

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  • Upgraded to 2020 VF225 Trim gauge not working

    I recently had my 04' HPDI on a skeeter swapped out for a 2020 SHO and the trim gauge isn't working. There seems to be power to the gauge. Any ideas on what to check first?

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    Standalone trim gauge or integrated within the multifunction tachometer?


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      Standalone trim gauge! I think it is a teleflex gauge?


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        A 2004 HPDI used a Yamaha 8 wire harness to get engine data up to the tachometer and the trim gauge. A VF225 uses a Yamaha 4 wire harness to get engine data to the tachometer and trim gauge.

        Now since your boat is not using Yamaha gauges it is anyone's guess how the boat (and motor) is wired. You might want to inspect the motor to see if the four pin connector (that would normally be connected to a Yamaha 4 wire harness) is being utilized. The pink wire attached to the connector is the wire that conveys the motor trim angle to the gauge.


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          Looks like they plugged the green with a red stripe into the pink wire on the 4 pin connector on the new engine. The four pin connector contains a solid pink wire (they plugged the green with red stripe into), 1 pink with white stripe and 2 pink with black stripe (all of which are blank).


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            What ever wire colour in the harness that connects to the pink wire connector on the engine side connector needs to be connected to the trim sender.
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