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Pulser coil defective

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    the ign coil output is in the kilo volt range.
    the input is 12v.
    the ringing effect is typically 150-250n volts PEAK.
    you CANNOT read peak voltage with an RMS reading meter.
    aint gonna happen.
    sooty black plugs indicate it is running rich.
    a fouled plug will load the voltage down.
    why not make or buy a spark tester?
    why not simply observe what the system is doing?
    you gotta understand inputs to a device and the device outputs.
    dunno what sensor your testing put the pulser coils are two wire devices.


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      Also peak voltage specs in manual are minimum, so reading can be higher


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        Checked the spark with spark tester, didn't find the problem.

        Still chasing the problem of rough idle. All plugs black so it's something common.

        I put the YDS on and let the motor run for 15-20 mins. Noticed that the water temp was low. The spec says water temp should be 140degs. Pulled the thermostat and all corroded. Replaced thermostat.

        Also checked the water temp sensor it also had the saltwater corrision only not as bad. Cleaned it up, checked the ohms at SM temp and reinstalled.

        Started the motor and it pur-r-r-ed like a kitten. YDS temp went to 140 just like it should.

        Case closed.


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          Hopefully that takes care of your issues. Amazing how we as rodbolt says chase wabbits all over the place and it is sometimes right in front of our nose. keep us updated if it comes back.
          Keep life simple, eat, sleep, fish, repeat!


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            How can I find out the pulser coil resistance specifications for a1999 s200 txrx,thanks


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              look in your service manual.
              everyone should have one for their motor if they are going to work on it