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F225 Relief valve and air orifice vent?

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  • F225 Relief valve and air orifice vent?

    Hi all,
    My 2002 F225 has a 69J-13490-00-00 relief valve into the air intake. I was looking at the parts diagram for a 2005 F225 and it has both of these parts off of a tee going into the air intake.
    69J-14989-00-00 ORIFICE, AIR VENT
    60L-13490-00-00 RELIEF VALVE ASSY
    Anyone know why and/or what the added air orifice vent that was is for?

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    the 2005 has a carbon canister on the VST vent line, as well as the "orifice" going directly to the intake silencer.

    The "orifice" does not seem to be a "mechanical valve" like the "relief valve assembly" but rather just a very low flow restrictor.

    The vapor that makes it into the carbon canister via the one-way "relief valve" seems to be eventually "sucked back out" through tubing to the IAC valve.


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      here you can see the "orifice"
      coming from the "tee" in the VST vent tubing
      and going to the intake silencer

      upper left: the "relief valve assembly" in the VST vent line,
      acting as a one-way pressure relief to the carbon canister

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        Got it.
        Thanks for the reply.