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New to me Tilt Trim - 3 questions

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  • New to me Tilt Trim - 3 questions

    I just picked up a new to me tilt trim unit.
    3 questions -
    1- Can I use a hole saw to make an opening in the cowling where the switch goes? I have the entire motor the Tilt Trim came from but changing that piece looks to be a bit intensive. Do I drill a hole or change the part?

    2- I am installing the wiring cable from the parts motor with the unit so that I get additional pins for the Trim. Why are there so many different grounds? Why are they not all connected to one spot on the block? The original cable has one ground wire that is very long and extends behind the cdi and then up through the moving parts of the throttle mechanism to a bolt, grounding it to the block? Is there any reason this is so long and why would wiring be installed such that is moves frequently rather than staying still?

    3- I have the T/T unit off the motor and on the bench. When I connect power to lift, the port piston activates immediately but the starboard piston does not move until the other is fully extended. Same thing in reverse, the port piston goes all the way down before the other one starts to move? I have all the gaskets and parts to rebuild but nothing appears to be leaking, wet or shiny. Is that the way it is supposed to work? Is there an easy fix? Should I go for the complete rebuilt while it is on the bench or is it more of a "if it is not broke...."?

    Thank you for your time

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    Is the model of the motor and the part number of the trim and tilt unit unknown?


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      The Tilt Trim is from a 70etlf. I am hoping to install it on a C60elru. The cowling on the 60 has the brackets for the switch to bolt to (identical to the 70) but no hole for the actual switch. The TT unit is stamped with "688 yamaha 6b-0954"
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        wierd ground.pngwierd ground2.png


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          Sure, you can use anything you want to cut a hole.

          Grounding is normal. Small items get ground to the block, the block is ground/tied in with the boat.

          Pistons... probably because there's no weight on them so it's sort of a "path of least resistance" thing. For whatever reason (internal fluid pathways, slight difference in resistance, etc) the port side moves first. That will change once there's weight on it. Simulate the weight if you want. Or restrict the port side... does the stbd then move sooner?
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