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2013 F70la not starting on initial crank

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  • 2013 F70la not starting on initial crank

    One of my engines on a twin engine setup doesn't start up on the first crank if it sits for more than 2 days. After trying to start it I let it sit for about 10 minutes than try to start it again and it starts up. Runs good after it starts. If I start it every day it will start right up. Both water separator and primary filter on both engines were changed recently. Both engines are running off of 1 fuel tank with separate lines. Other engine starts up with no problems. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

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    Did the problem start AFTER you changed the filters?


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      is the motor getting in spec fuel pressure on the rail when it will not start?
      are the plugs getting spark when it will not start?

      you need to test things to find out what problem you have to follow up on troubleshooting


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        Problem started about a month after filters were changed. Also changed plugs after Problem began. Plugs do have spark. Didn't check anything else. I've been starting it every day for the past week and it starts right up.


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          if you have spark when it will not start,
          then it has not enough fuel or too much fuel to the air in the cylinders to fire properly.
          rail pressure would be the 1st thing I would check.
          if that is good then injectors firing.

          does it help to pump the primer bulb?
          maybe the VST lost it's level over time. but I cannot think of how that would happen


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            Old post but still having trouble. Disconnected the fuel line at the rail and turned key on and fuel shot out at a high rate. Didn't have a fitting to check actual fuel pressure. Actually took out the boat recently and both engines ran fine with no issues. Got it up to wot and no problems. Only issue is when starting after engine sits for a few days. Any other ideas what could be the problem.