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2004 f225 txrc horrible idle

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  • 2004 f225 txrc horrible idle

    I’m having an issue and no clue what’s going on. I ran the boat 13 hours and even 10 min at 6000 rpm last trip. No issues whatsoever the whole trip. I sat at the boat ramp at idle for about 5 min waiting on my partner to back the trailer down at end of the day. Right before I get loaded on trailer motor start violently shaking and sounding like it’s dying. I have done compression test all good. Checked for water in oil . Checked plugs and coils all good. Filters are brand new . No water in fuel system water seperator all good internal filter all new. I took it to a mechanic and he hooked it up to yds system and it was showing that the shift position switch and shift cutout switch was bad. I have replaced both of them and still no changes with the motor. It will turn over and start just fine but immediately it will start shaking and cut itself off if I give it fuel it will stay running but it will studder. So currently I’m at a loss all filters are good and new and vst screen I changed out 3 months ago . It’s just weird that it went from running completely fine for 97 miles then fired idling for 5 to 10 minutes it’s like it went into limp mode .

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    Have you replaced the IAC? Are you 100% sure you have spark on all cylinders? Are you 100% sure the switches were installed correctly, adjusted and are working? You need to be positive in trouble shooting.


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      I have not replaced the iac yet where is that located at?