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F6Z Noisey Water Impeller

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  • F6Z Noisey Water Impeller

    I replaced my water pump impeller on my yamaha F6Z this past spring with an OEM part. Ever since then there has been a high pitched noise coming from the lower until. It is mostly noticeable at idle. I am getting a steady stream of water from the witness hole so I believe it is working fine. Also I have been using the outboard this summer with no problems although it only has about 10 hrs on it since the change. Should I ignore the noise and hope it goes away as the impeller gets broken in or could there be a potential problem in the making? Thanks for any feedback. Scott

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    If there are ANY BUSHINGS on the main drive shaft, (raised/machined) did you grease it with Yamaha's WATERPROOF MARINE grease? Reg marine wheel bearing grease will NOT hold up.

    Also, if the issue started right after the WP install, IMO, I'd pull it apart and inspect.

    The impeller if installed in the wrong rotation direction will NOT correct itself. I use some simple liquid, dishwash soap on the impeller when assembling..

    if its making a new noise, the engine's telling you somethings wrong...
    1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR