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Yamaha 25 hp four stroke issues

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  • Yamaha 25 hp four stroke issues

    I’m having trouble with my outboard once again. It a 2004 Yamaha 25hp 4 stroke. It starts and idles great. When it gets about mid range it bogs, spits and sputters. If your on muffs you can get it past this to WOT and it’s fine at WOT. in the water it never can get past the mid range. I’ve put a new gas tank, fuel line, fuel filter, plugs, and i took apart and rebuilt the old carb several times with no luck. Ended up buying a new carb and put it in last night, still no luck. The fuel pumps about a year old, and i have another coil pack ive swapped with with no change. Not sure of what else try with it. Any hello would be greatly appreciated

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    has this motor ,boat, and prop been able to run properly in the past?
    if so

    make sure the timing is advancing to spec


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      Being a 2004 it's probably a carbed model? If so, clean the carb properly, and do not rev it in neutral/out of the water, it proves nothing at all, as you found out.