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2004 F115 con*****er sticks

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  • 2004 F115 con*****er sticks

    I had an issue about 100hrs ago with my throttle adjustment. This has been fixed and the issue never came back as per my previous post. This problem happens very intermittently (happened 5 times maybe in many hours of driving) and is triggered by my con*****er I believe. When taking out of gear my con*****er all of a sudden gets very stiff right as it clicks into neutral position to idle, and my idle jumps to about 1200. It will stay there and it is very stiff to shift into gear and of course shifts hard at that high rpm. I usually then shut off the motor and work the con*****er a couple times and it goes away and runs perfect. I will be taking apart my con*****er when I unwrap the boat in spring but getting a head start on research first. Any thoughts?

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    check your cables for cracks /splits in outer casing, and rusty looking areas
    make sure there is no sharp bends also

    disconnect at motor and look for something binding on the motor.
    maybe something got dropped and is binding things up around some of the linkages or other moving parts


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      Yes, start with the motor side of things and disconnect both throttle and shift cables at the engine and then play with the controler (I purposefully misspelled that!) to try and narrow down where the issue is. You can do the same at the controler. Doing those two things will pretty much pinpoint the culprit. But 9/10 times the problem is old cables.
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        Ok. Will check all those things soon, I looked it over already, kind of odd if this happens and I put it in gear (I don't put it in gear anymore its hard on gearing) that I can have smooth operation of controls otherwise its only right at neutral position the problem exists.


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          binding in the shifting of the lower unit due to problems in the shift shaft or linkage can be multiplied to the con*****er.
          make sure there is nothing that has dropped down into the area where these moving parts are located.