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Mercury 4 stroke break in procedure-Boscoe

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  • Mercury 4 stroke break in procedure-Boscoe

    Hope everyone here is healthy and happy!

    You posted concerning this topic either here or on TOS. The last time I tried to access an operator manual on the Merc site, it required a serial number of motor. A friend has the bug for a new boat. Offered with a 2023 F250 4.2 liter. I mentioned that Mercury break in was a tad more strenuous and IMO, better. Assume, guess and hope, the procedure is fairly standardized for their larger displacement motors. Would you be able to access?

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    Might be fun to post this over at TOS just to stir up some crud.


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      Hey there. How have you been?

      Here is a snippet from a Mercury Owner's Manual that I got from the innerweb. Dated 2016.

      I agree with you. If I had a new Yam I would use the Mercury procedure.


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        Thanks Boscoe! Hope all is well NW of ATL. I hope to be able to visit again and eat some of those incredible Martin’s biscuits for breakfast.
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