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2011 F60 VST injection pump failures x 2

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  • 2011 F60 VST injection pump failures x 2

    At the beginning of 2021 boating season I launched my pontoon boat and took it for a short run before docking it at my wharf. The next time I tried to start it it would just catch a bit and then die. I troubleshot the problem to the DC injector pump in the VST module. After some convincing my local dealer agreed the pump was defective and ordered and installed a new one. The most notable symptom is not hearing the pump prime when you turn on the key and a more detailed dive reveals the motor is reading open circuit with an ohmmeter. It took most of the summer, and $2000, to get and install a new pump and gasket but it did resolve the problem and we were able to use the boat for awhile in the late summer/fall before putting it away again for the winter.
    This year (2022) we retrieved our boat from winter storage ( wrapped outdoors) and tried to start it - same problem. ( the obvious symptom again is the pump does not prime after turning the key and the wires to the pump read open circuit). Again after much convincing the dealer/service department once again agreed that the pump had failed and now is out looking for a replacement.
    I am suspicious - one failure I would chock up to being random but two in a row make me think the pump failure is a symptom of another problem? I am told that this engine/module is bullet proof although I did find a very helpful YouTube video last year that helped my diagnose this exact problem. thoughts?