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Yamaha 50hp DETO problem

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  • Yamaha 50hp DETO problem

    Hi guys can someone please help me my 50hp yamahas orange light is on its a precision blend model.No alarms are sounding but just won't rev over 2000rpm..Starts fine runs fine spits water fine just wont rev over 2000 and that's in gear or neutral.
    I gave it a compression test myself don't know if it's done right but it will only read 75psi...
    Is motor buggered from overheating or from running oil low or is it something to do with the light staying on...
    cheers guy from n.z.

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    I would be checking the buzzer to see if it works,
    but if the light is lit and the motor will not run up above 2K ,
    then it seem there is a problem with the oil alarm system.
    switch or wiring maybe