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And Now, The Shifting Is Bad

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  • And Now, The Shifting Is Bad

    First off, I'm not a mechanic, but I'm trying.

    2001 Yamaha F50 TLRZ. I've posted about this POS a couple other issues, fixed the tight steering and I think the carbs are pretty much fixed. Had to tear the whole thing apart to do the steering.

    Fired up this morning to tune and sync the carbs, won't shift out of gear. I thought maybe I out something back together wrong. I was going to take the powerhead back off, but decided to take the lower unit off and explore some, instead. Take the shift cable loose, and work the shifter by hand, seems like it's working and the shaft is turning.

    Got the lower unit pulled. Try shifting by hand on the splined shift rod that goes down into the prop housing. It turns to two detents, and a little bit past the second one. Can't get the prop to free up from the drive shaft.

    Bad dog clutch? Anything else I need to try?

    That doesn't look like a job that I can do without a bunch of special tools...

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    you should be able to turn the shift shaft until it puts the lower into neutral, and then make sure controls are in neutral also when you put it back on.
    may need to turn the prop a little so that the dogs line up when hitting reverse.
    should be spring loaded into forward, so you have to overcome the spring to get to neutral and then reverse
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      I'll have to fiddle with it some more tomorrow. I was thinking that second detent ought to be neutral, but it didn't free up the prop.


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        if it is in forward then it has to pass thru neutral to get to reverse
        I believe the shift shaft will turn 360 degrees like my C40