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How to adjust Shift shaft to neutral after accidentally turning it.

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  • How to adjust Shift shaft to neutral after accidentally turning it.

    Hello everyone. I went duck hunting with my 2019 Yamaha F40LA serial # 6BGK-1002641. Smacked a goose and had to chase it down. The lower unit got into some really muddy water. The tell tale stopped spitting water and used my *****ing motor to get home. Stopped the engine immediately and it did not overheat. Dropped the lower unit and cleaned it out after reverse flushing for 20mins. Then I changed the water pump. During the change, I must have turned the shift shaft because I lost neutral gear. I ordered the Yamaha Shift Socket from K & L tools that is pictured. I am assuming I am in forward gear since it seems these units are spring loaded to jump into this gear. I set the tiller shifter to neutral and confirmed that the pin was aligned to the mark. The prop free turned before disassembly. I checked the prop. by turning it before installing the lower unit and it was turning in both directions. Then I must have turned that shift shaft during installation because the prop. would not turn. I am sure it is in gear. I ordered this socket to turn the shaft. Should I just turn it one indent clockwise (while facing the unit) to go into neutral?? Or, should I turn counterclockwise to get to reverse gear and then again to get neutral? Just wanted to know how the pros find neutral gear when it is lost as a result of turning the shift shaft and installing the lower unit in gear. Thanks.

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    Can't post the socket picture because the picture is too large. It is just the socket that fits over the shift shaft. Then an 18mm socket fits over it and it can be turned with a small breaker bar. A wrench can be used to turn it as well. It seems K & L makes the Yamaha specialty tools.


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      Reduced the picture size to show this very expensive socket.


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        I have no idea which direction to turn it, but it should be able to be turned 360 degrees.
        so just turn it until you find neutral.

        I usually just turn it with a pair of pliers, but you can use some sort of rag between the shaft and priers if you want to keep from messing with the finish