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2003 115hp 4-stroke

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  • 2003 115hp 4-stroke

    2003 115hp 4-stroke...pulled lower unit and 5"spacer off so I can install a 20" lower unit. Water tube has an extension piece on it that doesn't want to move....may have spun entire tube up into power hesd...did I cause a problem? Nothing wrong with lower unit but has 25" shaft and I need 20" ...I'm trying to locate a 20" lower unit and sell/trade my 25". Is changing shaft an easier better option? I have a good deal on a lower unit from a 200hp...would that work? Bolt pattern fine but will everything connect inside? How about gear ratio, etc? Enough for now, sorry so lengthy a 1st post!@

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    I now have a 20" lower unit to install....but I'm concerned about water tube...seems loose up high so I've decided to replace. Now I have to remove entire power head....wondering if I need to pay my marine mechanic to do so...a bit much for me?


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      It would be a bit much for me….experience and knowledge can be worth a lot…. Let the expert do it..


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        Looks like the water tube (part #2) simply pushes up into a seal. Pulling the powerhead does not appear to help:

        1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR


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          how could #4 be a COVER, WATER PUMP HOUSING when it is on the top end of the water tube in the parts drawing?


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            Where is the OP?

            He mentions a 5 inch spacer. An F115TXRC does not use a spacer.

            Sounds like he might have an F115TLR that was converted via a Bay Manufacturing extension kit.