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  • Fuel additives

    Just bought Bennington pontoon with Yahama F150LB 4 stroke outboard. Maintence Matters brocuer states need for Yamalube fuel stabilizer and ring free plus should be added to each fill up of fuel.
    I fully intend to use ONLY non ethonal fuel (Blue Pump). Is use of the additives still needed with this fuel..

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    The fuel stabilizers are primarily for fuel that sits in the tank for weeks and months between boat use. If you run your boat all the time then maybe you don’t need stabilizers. That said, I’ve always used Yamaha Ringfree and a fuel stabilizer in my tank just to be sure. A fuel/water separator type filter is very important also. My boat/ motor Yamaha C90 is a 1999 model and never any problems at all….just routine maintenance. Of course you’ll probably gets lots of opinions on this subject….


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      It can't hurt to use either of those things. However, given it's a 4-stroke, the RingFree is not as important as if you had a 2-stroke. If it was me, I'd always use (and do) use a stabilizer like Startron. It's pennies a gallon and can help to keep things cleaner (from getting gunked up) over time. If you run the boat engine as often as you do your car, there's likely no real benefit. But still, it can't hurt.

      That said... I predict by the end of this thread that there will still be no clear cut answer that everyone can agree on. The answers to questions like this are quite subjective.

      If you'd like to read more answers - just do some searching for this subject in this forum as plenty has already been discussed.
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        I run Ring Free in every gas powered engine I own. IME, highly recommended.
        I've never had my own machines (small engines, IE mower, chain saw, generator, etc) ever varnish up. Some machines well over 15 years old

        If the boats going to sit with old fuel, you'd need an additive.

        Non E fuel lasts easily a year W/O anything..

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