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Need help with Converting Tiller to Remote

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  • Need help with Converting Tiller to Remote

    HI everyone, I am new here and wanted to get a little bit of help. I have a 15ft inflatable boat and wanted to upgrade the engine so I ended up buying a 2021 Yamaha F20SMHB motor with a tiller and have now decided I would rather have a console steering system instead of the tiller. Was wondering if anyone can help me out with finding out what is needed. I have heard all these terms like "Tilt Tube" and still have no idea what they do or ill be needing one. Also money is not an issue and I will not be selling and buying a new motor that is remote steering as there are literally no new motors available anywhere because of Covid.
    I want to keep the pull start and manual tilt alone so really what im mostly looking for is someone who can help me find the parts that separate my motor from the other model that uses remote steering.

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    You will need those two parts and cables and a control box.

    I cannot tell from looking at your engines schematic where or if the Steering Hook attaches.

    I did this years ago to a Enduro 40hp and it is definitely a worthwhile conversion, tillers suck.

    Good luck!
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