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Loss of power after running for a while

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  • Loss of power after running for a while

    My 2013 Yamaha F40LA starts and idles fine. I can run it at various speeds for an hour or longer but if we stop and float I can't either restart it or I have no power and it stalls. If I wait until it cools, like an hour all is fine again. I've changed the fuel separator, the fuel filter, the VST, put new plugs in and fresh high octane gas. I'm stumped. Help please

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    does this motor have a fuel cooler?
    might see if the water passage is pugged up and not cooling properly.
    does it help to pump the primer bulb to get it started?
    or does it help to open the throttle to let more air in if it is to rich from gas vaporizing causing too rich condition?


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      Yep, I will second exactly what 99yam40 has said, get you fuel cooler check. I am going through this right now. The mechanic said that if I was to take it out without fixing it then what you are experiencing would happen. The fuel vaporises in the line and the engine needs to cool down first and then you need to re-prime the line.