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Yamaha 70 two stroke - 2005. Oil system issues

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  • Yamaha 70 two stroke - 2005. Oil system issues


    I recently purchased a Yamaha 70B outboard motor 2005 and following winter, I took it out of storage and planned on servicing it. It started with no issues following new spark plugs, fuel filter and fuel.

    However, I’m getting an add oil blinking light on the tach, however the oil tank is 90% full, there also appears to be air or gaps in one of the oil lines (big thick one) as pictured below. I tracked the big pipe which goes into the top on the oil pump. It’s the thick pipe running over the top of the oil tank on the engine and down in behind the oil tank to the top of the oil pump?

    Any advice would be much appreciated, I’m about 200 miles from my nearest outboard dealer.

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    Do you have a multi meter and know how to use it?

    Might try disconnecting and reconnecting the connector to the oil tank sensor switch just to see if anything changes.
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      What is the full ID of the motor? Where are you located? This is a US website. No 70B model offered here.


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        I's a 70 BETO apologies 2005. I've tried to upload an image of the oil line/ pipe which appears to have air in it? Is this normal?