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1996 Yamaha S225 bugs down at low speed, runs great above 2k RPM.

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  • 1996 Yamaha S225 bugs down at low speed, runs great above 2k RPM.

    I have a 1996 Yamaha S225U. I have searched many forums and I have seen similar issues but no luck solving this issue.
    For a while now it has been bogging down on low speed. I can rev the engine fine out of gear, but when under load it bogs down at around 1300-1400 RPM. I can press hard on the accelerator and it will get on plane and will reach max RPM and work perfectly... but if I try to bring up the speed slowly it bogs and dies.
    I have already checked all the electronics by using the shop manual and everything seems to be withing specs. I have spark on all 6 plugs. I have changed all three fuel pumps on the side of the engine. I did make sure there are no tears or pin holes on their diaphragms. I have checked for leaks or obstructions in the fuel delivery system. I have checked the TPS multiple times and it seems to be working properly. I have rebuilt the carbs and made sure all ports were clean and clear, I blew compressed air throughout them. I did the link and sync and the carbs seems to be very synchronized. I have checked the fuel enrichment pump and it is flowing gas within specs. I have checked the fuel enrichment regulator and it is not clogged. I have used a separate gas tank with fresh fuel. Nothing seems to be fixing my issue. Please help.

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    I have this same issue. BUMP