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JUST bought this screwed am I?

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  • JUST bought this screwed am I?

    Just bought my first pontoon boat yesterday with a 2006 yamaha F90TLR 4 stroke. Foolishly, i test ran it in guys driveway but didn't check oil as it sounded okay and he said it was good. When I got home with it, found milky oil, drained it, and removed spark plugs to find some water droplets in cylinder 2. Pulled head off to find some pretty good corrosion on the cylinder block, enough to where it looks like a new head gasket job we be pointless. Not sure how far fetched it is it "build up" with either high temp JB weld or actual welding and resurface.... screwed am I? Don't have tons of money at moment and willing to put work in if it's worth it. Called around to few mechanics although haven't shown them in person and they said better off buying a whole new outboard.... yikes.

    Looked into buying a remanufactured powerhead to pop on there but have also been told not worth it and also not a good idea because there are shims between block and cowling that are hard to get right.

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    Your 3rd picture, there's not much left on the surface for the head gasket to seal to.
    And there's no way to fix that short of a new block / short block.

    I'd be "talking" to the seller, can't hurt.



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      man that sucks...


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        You might be able to get it welded and machined, you can't "glue" it, talking to a private seller will probably go nowhere


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          if sold as is with no warranty, good chance the seller knew about the problem.
          buyers should look closely before buying anything


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            Epoxy Metal Repair | EMP Inc. There are some epoxy repairs give it a try you have nothing to lose. wet sand the cover flat and see how long it last's what ever you get out of it is a plus


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              As a ****ager, I drove a 1966 Chevy pickup truck with the 230- I6 that had an eroded spot between 2 cylinders on the block, I tried JB Weld and it lasted about a month before it vanished and blew the head gasket, in desperation I welded the gap with SS rod - pre-heated it to orange first- and then dressed it with a file. I sold the truck a couple of years later, it still hadn't blown another head gasket.
              What do you have to lose?