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2006 F150 oil system problems continue

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  • 2006 F150 oil system problems continue

    OK your help thus far has been extremely, helpful. I have replaced and cleaned out absolutely everything I know how to clean out to get the trash from the harmonic balancer failure. I removed the oil pressure sensor ,installed a proper tee And a 0 to 100 pressure gauge: to my total surprise the sensor is not wrong there is no pressure. Either the pump is not pumping or there must be blockage between the pump discharge and the oil filter..

    I realize that I’m going to just have to keep looking until I find it in the obvious places, but I am just curious if anyone might happen to have any insight regarding how/where, I should look for trash between the pump discharge and the oil filter or the center because I ain’t finding it.

    Just know I say it I cleaned after I removed the oil pan, the oil pan the suction screen the pick up tube from the suction screen. I removed the minimum flow/pressure control valve and cleaned it out, Replaced the pump, Blue from the oil filter inlet back to the pump discharge line with air and felt air blow the oil filter actually looks pristine when I initially removed it there was no trash in it at all. So there you have it. I know I just got to keep looking just curious if anyone has any suggestions

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    There's lots of places tiny bits of rubbish can get stuck, including the crankshaft internal oil passages, up in the cam lubrication system, all over the place, most times it requires a full pull down to clean it properly, don't know if there's an oil flow diagram available so you can follow it step by step rather than stab and hope.


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      Hasn't Boscoe already posted these


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        are you saying you replaced the oil pump with a new one, or you put the old back in?

        pressure relief valve stuck open may dump oil and not build pressure

        if bearings in motor were damaged enough from lack of oil, there may be too much clearance and pressure can not build up.
        just a couple of thoughts