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2016 f150 & Nmea 2000

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  • 2016 f150 & Nmea 2000

    I installed a NMEA 2000 on my 2016 150 to a Garmin 94sv. I'm reading everything but the one thing that I wanted to read. I can not figure out how to get the engine hours out of the motor. I have it set in the display but only get dash marks. Rpm,fuel usage, engine temp, oil pressure all feed into the Garmin and display fine. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I'm familiar with the Garmin GPSMAP,
    but not with the Echomap
    and it's software has some differences

    start by going to
    Settings > Communications > NMEA 2000 Setup > Device List

    you'll have an entry for the Yamaha -
    select that to see the detail
    and see if the engine hours are listed

    assuming they are,
    the engine is getting the info to the Garrmin

    as for displaying it on another screen,
    see if this makes any sense:

    "I found how to do it.
    It's not under Engine with the other "Engine" gauges.
    You have to go to numbers
    and then replace an existing number with "Eng Hours" "