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Low RPM vibration - in gear

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  • Low RPM vibration - in gear

    2014 F300s. 900 hours.

    Bought this boat last summer. The engines are flawless in every regard. They start instantly and provide idiotic power across the powerband.
    I have one minor issue. The port motor has a slight vibration at idle speed. So, 600 RPM. If I bump the throttle up a bit, to 800 say, the vibration goes away.

    These engines have electronic engine controls so it's very easy to change the RPM 100 or 200 revs and it will hold it. So when I motor down the no-wake zone I always bump it up to eliminate that vibration. I just put in brand new plugs. I had hoped that they would clear this up since I had the exact same issue on my F225s and new plugs did the trick.

    I am not flipping out, but I am curious. I read online that Yam had some issues with (I think) the crank bearing under the flywheel or something like that. But I don't know which engines were affected.

    Just fishing for suggestions and information.