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Tach and Engine gauges

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  • Tach and Engine gauges

    Got new 2020 4-stroke F40 outboard on pontoon. No engine gauges at all. Would like at least Tachometer and oil and temp/heat gauge and hour meter. I understand that I can get the 6Y5 or 6Y8-type Command Link multi gauge digital gauge. I not a fan of digital readouts. I prefer analog gauges with needles. I like the Yamaha Pro Series or Pro Series II Tachometer with the oil and temp light. All I really need, but was told it would NOT work on my 2020 F-40 because it’s digital and not compatible with the Pro Series analog gauges. Or I’d have to get some kind of analog interface connector/adapter that cost more than the gauge itself. Yet I’m skeptical. I can’t find any information (manual or online) on if my engine is digital only or if the Pro Series gauges would work and not just the word of a guy pushing me to buy a gauge I don’t really want. Also, can not find in manual, but was told from someone else that the new F-40 has a auto alarm and automatically with throttle back to 2000rpm if engine temp is high or oil pressure drops. Again. Can’t find any info, but is that true for a new 2020 F-40 outboard??
    Thinks in advance for any helpful advice or info.
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    I plugged your motor into
    It lists as options the "classic", "sport", & "pro" series analog gauges, as well as command link.

    The rigging catalog might helpful as well,