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Yamaha F40 to nmea 2000

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  • Yamaha F40 to nmea 2000

    Hi guys

    Is it perfectly OK to connect directly to the existing NMEA2000 network from the Multi Hub or do I need the more expensive Gateway?

    i have seen a few people have problems doing this and apparently that is the reason Maretron had to stop selling their cables? Problems could some sort of feedback going into the engine's software. From another post: Yamaha will not honor the engine's warranty if any damage is caused by this type of connection to the NEMA 2000 network.

    I have a 2020 F40FETL and don't want any engine problems or warranty issues just because of this.

    I have been searching and searching for answers - some say it could give problems - some don't. So what is the general opinion about this?
    Thanks a lot!


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    There is no question that the Gateway provides "absolute protection"
    for the Yamaha ECM
    from any "harmful electricity" originating from "non-Yamaha equipment"
    which is connected via NMEA 2000.

    However I am aware of large numbers of direct connections without a Gateway -
    probably hundreds -
    and I have never heard of a case where a Yamaha ECM was damaged as a result.

    So for me, the possibility of such "harmful electricity" actually occurring
    is "virtually nil".

    Now, there may be an additional desirable benefit of the Gateway
    besides "insurance" -
    depending on which make/model of non-Yamaha MFD you wish to connect -
    the presence of the Gateway may 'unlock' software in the MFD
    providing access to a 'special Yamaha page"
    - essentially an 'emulation' of the Yamaha 6YC display -
    with additional functionality / data.

    What MFD do you plan to use?


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      Thank you very much, Fairdeal.

      That's a good point. I'm planning to use a Garmin Echomap 92SV UHD (probably called 93SV in the US - I'm in Denmark in Europe. Any advantages there to go the Gateway route?

      Thank you


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        Garmin's Echomap line does not support the "Yamaha custom touchscreen engine interface"
        (only the GPSMAP models do)
        so there is no advantage to the Gateway.


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          OK. Thanks. I just talked to my local Yamaha dealer. He told me they have had problems with the direct connection (no gateway) on the newer engines. They couldn't get connection, he said. No engine issues though. Any truth in that or is he just trying to sell me the Gateway?

          Anyway - I think I will just try it out. The cheapest option, I think is to scavenge a 1 ft pigtail wire and splice the blue and white cables with the like on a NMEA2000 cable I already have (I know red and black for power is not supposed to be spliced). Or is there a better way?


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            Well, if by "the newer engines" he is thinking of Digital Electronic Control models
            which typically have their display/gauges connected via Command Link Plus
            then yes,
            the Gateway IS needed to get NMEA 2000 data from a CL+ connection

            CL+ uses a different "language" based on J19939
            so the Gateway acts as a 'translator' - in addition to a protective isolator.

            Back to your engine,
            you can certainly make wire-to-wire splices by any ordinary means -
            doesn't have to be a "ready made" cable with the Yamaha connector *

            But you will need to connect all 4 wires
            of the NMEA cable to the Yamaha hub wires

            yes, the data itself only moves on the white and the blue
            "behind" the Garmin NMEA 2000 plug is an opto-isolator
            which needs the power & ground of the NMEA wire to operate
            so it can "pass" the data into the Garmin

            * although if you want to make your own cable,
            the connector Yamaha uses is available,
            Google "Furukawa RFW"
            its a 4 position female,
            commonly used on motorcycles


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              Thanks. Yeah - he could have messed up between CL and CL+ - however, I told him I have CL.

              Do I need the power wires if I already have an existing NMEA2000 network with it's own power supply?


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                Originally posted by PeterOsher View Post
                Do I need the power wires if I already have an existing NMEA2000 network with it's own power supply?
                I misunderstood -
                did not realize the Garmin is already on a NMEA 2000 backbone.

                So in that case you only connect the blue and the white Yamaha wires,
                to a Tee on the NMEA backbone.


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                  No problem at all. Thank you very very much for your kind help. I know exactly what to do now. Already found the plug on ebay


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                    when you get the connection made,
                    you should see the Yamaha ECM in the Garmin menu
                    Settings > Communication > NMEA 2000 Setup > Device List
                    (just need the Yamaha key on - engine does not need to be running)

                    the first time, to get set up,
                    from the Garmin Gauge page menu,
                    Gauge Setup > Engine Selection > Number of Engines.
                    you need to select "Auto Configure"

                    at which point you may get one or more 'spurious' alarms
                    some artifact of the Garmin/Yamaha communication
                    just go into the Garmin 'Custom alarm" menu
                    find those and disable.


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                      Got it. Thanks. And those alarms are only visible in the Garmin? Or will the Yamaha dealer be able to see them at the next service?


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                        Originally posted by PeterOsher View Post
                        And those alarms are only visible in the Garmin?
                        Has no affect / impact to the Yamaha side -
                        just something about the Garmin software,
                        it is 'confused' by some aspect of the data it is receiving.


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                          Perfect - thanks!


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                            Originally posted by fairdeal View Post

                            * although if you want to make your own cable,
                            the connector Yamaha uses is available,
                            Google "Furukawa RFW"
                            its a 4 position female,
                            commonly used on motorcycles
                            Sitting back watching quietly (lurking). By "its a 4 position female", do you mean the Yamaha engine connector is the female and the cable needs the male, or vice-versa?


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                              I know you're asking fairdeal but I can answer this: The multi hub is device ports are all male (so are the two BUS ports and the power port) so you need to buy the female 4 pin connector