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oil light wiring on Analog gauge

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  • oil light wiring on Analog gauge

    2001 90TLR.. I have an old school Yamaha analog tach that has the RYG oil indicator lights in it. I am trying to wire these up just so I have an indicator when the onboard tank is getting low. I have a harness with the gauge that runs to the motor, but I am sure it is for an older style motor.
    On my motor, I do not see any plugs that would be available to plug into any harness. It looks like the oil wiring plugs into the trim indicator on the motor. I took a pic of how the motor is connected. The wires in the Blue sleeve are from the oil reservoir, The ones in the black sleeve are from the trim indicator. The plug towards the front of the boat is the harness going to the tach.


    what am I missing here??

    I'm hopefully going to upgrade to a newer multifunction tach soon (with any luck for Christmas..) will it straight plug and play into the oil/trim indicators? I see there are multiple models for it. which one would be for a 2001 2 stroke?

    Thanks for any help.

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      Ah great looks like yet another part I get to buy... Do you know the part number of this relay? And will I still need this if I upgrade to the multifunction gauge?

      The wire colors on that diagram loo to be different than mine are for the trim sender. and why would that and the oil be plugged into each other?