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2 stroke Oil filter 2000 200hp saltwater series 2 stroke

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  • 2 stroke Oil filter 2000 200hp saltwater series 2 stroke

    I have seen on some models that there is a filter underneath (bottom) the main oil resevoir.My resevoir does not appear to ever have been removed for this service.Before I tackle the mounting bracket which also looks to have never been touched,Does anyone know what models/years have this filter??? My Clymer manual makes no mention of it.Thanks CC

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    #21 is the strainer


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      There is a strainer in the main motor mounted tank and a strainer on the boat mounted remote tank. Main oil tank is on the motor.

      Yamaha introduced outboard motors in the USA in 1984. Yep, the remote oil tank had a strainer on it even back then.

      Item 5 in this illustration.


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        thanks guys


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          Update......The inline filter/strainer is UNDER the reservoir.The reservoir must be removed from the housing compartment and placed on its side to access the filter.This filter change was waaaay tougher to do then it should have been.Im sure Yamaha had a good reason to put the filter UNDER the reservoir however it made the change out more cumbersome.An empty reservoir makes it easier.Mine was full.Charlie


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            I am sure it is good to remove and drain the tank from time to time to make sure any condensate and sludge is cleaned out of that tank so it does not plug up the strainer of hit the main tank


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              Are the crap goes to the very bottom. Make sure to run on a 50 to 1 premix while checking oil line discharge at carbs...purge,purge, purge


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                Or VST.. don't know what your running