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liquid gasket maker for joining block sections

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  • liquid gasket maker for joining block sections

    What type of product is recommended for joining block halves on my 1998 two stroke outboard, I have Permatex Anaerobic gasket maker and Permatex Ultra Black gasket maker available would either of these be recommended?
    Also should I use any coating on the other gaskets- head- waterjacket cover - exhaust covers- power head to lower unit? Thanks for any info.

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    your Yamaha service manual for your motor should have all of that info.
    since you fail to say what motor you have,
    we have no idea what 98 2 stroke you are talking about


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      Service manual just says ( apply a light bead of liquid gasket maker compound ) motor is a 1998 25 hp two stroke 25ELRW.


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        gaskets are all from Yamaha- the head gasket appears to have a sticky coating but the rest do not?


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          I use Yamabond #4 for the gasket-less block halves / cases.

          NO sealer on the head gasket and un-less specified by your manual, sealer's not needed elsewhere.

          1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR


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            Yamabond Gasketmaker is what I used on my C40 and what my service manual called for on the crankcase.
            a very small amount, anything that squeezes out on the inside is not very good for the internals when it comes loose and flys around in there