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  • lighting coil

    With the flywheel off for some unrelated work on my 1998 Yamaha 25 hp two stroke motor I noticed damage to the lighting coil. The wrap around coil wire was crushed and I can't imagine it works in this condition. The engine ran fine with no problems, The battery charged and everything worked electrically. This is an electric start - manual tilt motor. So my question is, what is the function of the lighting coil and will the motor run without it? It's possible I damaged it removing the flywheel but I don't think so. Any input will be appreciated.

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    that coil charges the battery.
    probably ran bolts too far into the flywheel and turned the flywheel
    or tried prying the flywheel off and hit the lighting coil

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      I think you're right- looks like one of the the flywheel puller bolts must have contacted the coil- expensive lesson to learn - thanks for the input..


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        So I guess my question is, will the motor run as normal without this coil? I think the battery is only used for electric start?


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          as long as you did not hurt the charge coils and pulser coils and have a good battery , it should run