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2 stroke connections

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  • 2 stroke connections

    I have recently purchased a used 2001 225 hp motor. Everything was going well as expected until I started connecting the battery cables. I have the ground connected to the starter, but for the life of me I can't find where the positive cable goes. None of the studs match up (smaller) to the larger size hole on the positive lead. I attached the positive lead to the starter relay opposite to the cable going to the started. It blew the 30 amp fuse. Does the positive lead go to the relay just aft of the starter relay?
    I have one rubber hose on the forward section of the motor forward of the injectors that I can't find where it attaches to. Any ideas?

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    Different engine (06 F150) but my positive goes to the starter solenoid, ground wire(both from the battery) to the block

    Per your parts site: your first pic is the T&T/
    part #14 is the starter relay

    Boscoe will likely chime in with a wiring diagram.

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      Need a model identity.

      No one ever wants to say what model motor they have.


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        Reason I was confused was because when I hooked hot wire to the starter relay, the positive lead terminal end was too big for stud and when attached and battery turned on the 30 amp fuse blows. So doing some troubleshooting, discovered the wire harness was causing the fuse to blow and the battery lead that I bought with the motor is the correct size. Go figure.