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Z200 HPDI Power loss - fuel filters ?

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  • Z200 HPDI Power loss - fuel filters ?

    Experiencing power loss and unable to get any speed when under load. Changed the VST tank filter and the strainer filter but this didn't solve it. Any thoughts on next things the try. Thanks in advance

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    what is the rail pressure running?
    If the rail pressure stays in spec, have you sent the injectors off to be cleaned and tested?


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      Rail pressure test tomorrow - sent the injectors off a long time ago, never again ! easier to change the basket filters myself, I dont buy Yamaha's narrative on the injectors
      Preciate the response, will let you know how the test goes


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        I'd take into a really good (hard to find) shop to get it fixed right. Those motors have like 13 filters in them. And if not done properly can blow up a pwr head.. Why does everyone think they can fix outboards. this is not a ole Chev 327. Even with a factory service manual in your hands. There is "tricks" & tools that need to be used. Every season I get a couple motors that had been f__cked with by brother in law and his 30 yrs experience at the ford dealership. And cost the boat owner 1000's in repair's. IF your not experienced and trained,, don't touch it !! If you can't afford it. Get another hobbie !!


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          I'm not a mechanic by any stretch but here's what I would try.
          1. compression test
          2. if #1 is oK, run diagnostic software
          3, check VST fuel pressure
          4. check low pressure fuel pumps
          5. how do spark plugs look
          6. spun prop hub

          Good hunting!