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2008 350 block onto a 2013 350 mid section

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  • 2008 350 block onto a 2013 350 mid section

    Recently purchased a boat with twin 2013 F350's approx 1300 hrs on the engines total from before and after ECM replacement. Port side has blown powerhead, starboard side bad gearcase. Was considering just buying one of the dozens of RH 2008 running take off 350's out there and using the power head and the lower on the motors on my boat to get her up and running. I've heard that there are A,B,and C versions of the 350's. Can someone tell me the differences in the 3 and if what I'm planning to do will work ok? $6k to 7K to solve my problem seems like smarter money spent than $55K for new motors unless there is some inherent problem with the 2008 350 that makes it not advisable to do. Thanks in advance. David

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    There are F350, F350A, F350B and F350C models. Minor and major changes along the way.

    Most any of the power plants will work with your 2013 F350's. Which will be F350B models by the way.

    Might be easier however to install the 2008 motor on the boat than to put the 2008 power plant on your F350B motor.


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      Thanks for the reply, Either way I have to put a powerhead on the port side. At least if I cannibalize the the 2008 for the powerhead and the gear case, I'll end up with the same mid sections and serial numbers on the transom. My plan was to take the electrical off the existing 2013 and put it on the 2008 power head. I know that would result in showing higher hours on the powerhead than it currently has, but I'd rather both engines show the same thing and be higher , than one showing half the hours of the other and having to explain that if I end up selling the boat down the road. The flywheels on both the 2013 and 2008 are new so the interval on the pair for the next swap should be very close if I use them the same. Would you mind explaining the major changes if any between the 2008 and 2013 engines?


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        Changes can be seen by reviewing the Yamaha parts catalog. Open all four manuals at once. Get each on the same illustration page. Then you can flip between the models to see the changes.

        Exhaust manifold integrated within the cylinder head. ECU changes. Crankshaft change. Piston change.