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6/8hp 2 Stroke HT leads

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  • 6/8hp 2 Stroke HT leads

    Does anyone know if the HT leads can be replaced on the ignition coil assembly of the 6/8hp 2-stroke Yamaha Outboard.

    Part 6G1-85570-01-00 which is the coil looks like it is all one piece. The insulation on mine is causing a problem, but coil itself is good. It's a shame to have to buy a whole new part for something that should be an easy fix.

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    Looks like it is not made to be replaceable , but depending where it leakage problem is, you might try doing a splice, sealing it very well.
    but I have never tried that before


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      Thought as much.

      I stuck some thick 3M heat-shrink over it. That stops it arcing but it's only a temporary fix. Looks like I'll be buying an aftermarket one then.


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        If it's (the wire) is bad anyway, try un-screwing the wire from the coil (CC).

        On some coils (in general), the wire is screwed in (clockwise to install)...
        They'll be a pretty small, threaded pin in the center, just don't damage it..

        I don't see any epoxy, etc holding in your wires, you really don't have anything to loose.

        I have picked out/replaced, epoxied coil/wires on some Echo machines, it is do-able..

        1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR


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          I am with Scott on this. They look like they are screwed in to try to unscrew it.You got nothing to lose.


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            Arcing sometimes is as a result of grime or oil buildup on the outside of the wire. It gets worse as the arcing gradually burns oil turning it to carbon.
            Try cleaning them with a good solvent, maybe all that is needed if the engine otherwise runs fine.