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Yamaha 50 TLR Power Loss

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  • Yamaha 50 TLR Power Loss

    New to the Forum! I have an issue with my 2008 50TLR. It has run flawless up to this point. However, these are the symptoms I experienced the other day...

    1. Motor performed normal for the 1st few miles.
    2. Stopped to fish... and on the restart the motor sounded rough, not smooth as in the beginning of the trip.
    3. Motor would idle, but when put in gear and it would only reach about 25% of normal power.
    4. When put in neutral; motor would reach higher RPM's.
    5. Then it would stall out when RPM's came down to idle.
    6. Motor would start and idle following the stall out; and same symptoms #'s 2-5 would repeat each time.

    While on the water; I verified the fuel hose from the tank to the motor was clear of any obstructions and it would prime as normal. I removed the small hose from the fuel hose connection to the fuel filter, and it was clear of obstructions. I did not have tools to remove the fuel filter, so we fished back to the boat ramp and went home.

    I feel I need to replace the fuel filter as it has not been replaced in several seasons. But wanted to get others opinions on anything else I should check and/or replace!

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    as always check compression & spark on all cylinders, Idle timing and that it advances to spec.
    since it is idling rough I would also check to see if # 3 cylinder is being flooded from a hole in fuel pump

    but it could be water in carb bowl or plugging jet/passage


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      Have the carbs ever been cleaned?.....I mean removal, disassembly, cleaned, replaced and Lync and sync per the manual...


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        Disclaimer guys... if you didn't already know I am a beginner with zero education for this type of work/maintenance. However, it is something I want to learn about more. So, with that said, I was hoping to hold off on removing the carbs for now without doing more research on that subject. I want to check real simple stuff for now without doing a lot of disassembly of the motor. My thoughts right now, are to...

        1. check/clean/replace fuel filter
        2. check/replace spark plugs.

        After I complete these tasks, what suggestions are out there for what to check/try next! From the last 2 posts, its looking like I may have to get into the carbs and maybe the fuel pump.

        Thank you "99yam40" and Robert! I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions so quickly after I posted.


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          when you pull the plugs pay attention to what they look like.
          if #3 is wet or dark/different looking I would check the fuel pump since it runs off of the crankcase pulse of #3

          an inductive timing light clipped over the individual plug wires will show if spark is a problem on the different plugs.
          and will show timing just like on a car.

          while you have the plugs out run a compression check to make sure all cylinders are the same