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1988 130 warning lights

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  • 1988 130 warning lights

    Need some help, please! I have a 1988 130 V4 that my father bought and it has been an absolutely marvelous motor for an obvious long time, but now is giving me a fit. When I ran it Saturday for about 10 miles, everything was great. Spent a couple of hours at a spot and when I got ready to leave, all 3 warning lights were flashing and the buzzer was continuous. Cut it off, checked the external and internal oil tanks, both were good. Cooling water seemed to be as normal. Restarted thinking it was a sensor malfunction - no dice. It would do the "stick shaker" routine at 2000 rpm and had to get a tow, Interestingly, once back in the harbor it cranked back up with NO warnings of any kind.

    "Worked" on it a bit Saturday (added oil to external tank reservoir), checked the plugs, etc. and thought I'd give it another whirl on Sunday (but stick close). EXACT same thing - ran fine, let it sit a while and then all three warning lights on dash, continuous buzzer. Idled back to harbor and turned it off, no warnings or buzzer.

    I read about another 130 on this wonderful site and they were talking about an electrical issue, but the circumstances with this one are different (warnings and buzzers are the same as that post, but their's were from startup on).

    It's on a 17 Whaler that doubles as fish/family.

    Any help is appreciated....


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    Electrical problem. Low voltage.


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      Checked it. New battery(s) to boot. Where would the low voltage be and why would it only occur after running, then return to normal operation after idling? I'm thoroughly confused....

      Thanks for the reply.


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        Could be a fuse or fuse holder. CDI connection points. Could be any one of the many electrical connection points on the motor. Vibration can cause a poor connection to come and go.

        32 year old motor having electrical issues is not surprising.
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          Ok, I'll check - don't know if it makes any difference, but this motor has VERY few hours on it to be this old. Also, I read that it the sending unit on the external oil tank is going/gone it could cause this as well? Thoughts on that? Still puzzled by the running fine, stopping, and then occurring again. I'll defer to your knowledge and see if I can trace for any electrical issues.

          Thanks again.


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            Good God man. You come here, ask for some help, and then question everything.

            Corrosion is not a function of hours. It is a function of calendar time.

            Here is what Yamaha has to say. Take your arguments up with them.

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              Whoa....Asking, not questioning....please refer to the "I'll defer to your knowledge" piece. Sorry I asked.