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TT won't work

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  • TT won't work

    I have a 4 stroke, 75 hp, 2009 Yamaha outboard. The TT stop working yesterday now it only clicks when I pushed the TT button on the shifter or on the motor. The motor wont move either way.

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    If you are getting the same click both at the remote control switch,
    and the 'trailer switch',
    then both switches are likely good.

    If you are getting a click - but just a click -
    for both up and down,
    that's the sound of the relays actuating;

    but since they are two separate relays,
    that likely means the relays are OK
    but the motor is bad.

    The relay is on the front of the motor,
    starboard side, under a plastic cover,
    near the bottom.

    The big red wires are unfused direct battery power -
    so you may want to switch off, or disconnect the battery + cable
    before you start messing with it.

    The big blue and the big green wire are the t/t motor leads
    if you remove them from the posts of the relay,
    you can know that you are testing the motor directly:

    connect one (either blue or green) to battery (+),
    the other to battery (-)
    the motor should run.

    If the t/t motor doesn't run
    when you have connected its leads directly to power & ground -
    the motor is kaput.

    Often the problem is with the brushes,
    sometimes simply that the brushes have 'hung up".
    At that point, you have nothing to lose
    by giving the motor housing a few sharp raps
    which may get it going again - for a while


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      I am getting a click on the shift lever both up and down and the same on the button on the motor both up and down. Thank you for your help.