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2007 Yamaha VZ225 HPDI bogging at takeoff

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  • 2007 Yamaha VZ225 HPDI bogging at takeoff

    Is this normal? I just recently changed VST filter, fuel filter, plugs and mystery filters to see if that would fix it. It does not throw any codes so I was curious if this is a safety issue with these motors. I bought the boat a couple months ago. It mainly does it right after launching or if I idle an area too long, say if I'm trying to graph an area. It seems like only a couple of cylinders are firing, then the rest of the cylinders kick in after a few seconds after I throttle down. I have a hot foot too, and was considering this as an issue, maybe the throttle cable is sticking. I know on some motors that only 2 cylinders work on idle with the remaining kicking in after a certain rpm is reached. Any help would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE: Motor serial is VZ225TLR 0405.
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