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Tilt and trim upgrade

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  • Tilt and trim upgrade

    I have a 2000 50hp EJRY that doesn't have power tilt and trim. I would like to upgrade and purchased a tilt and trim motor and relay but can't figure out how it all hooks up. I've searched everywhere and can't find anything. Any help would be appreciated.. My wiring harness has 7 pins do I need to change it to a 10 pin?

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    you would need more than a T&T motor and relay

    might be easier to get an aftermarket or sell your motor and get on with a T&T


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      What else would I need? The remote control I have is wired for a tilt and trim but doesn't seem to have the wiring at the motor or anyplace for the trim relay to go.


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        not sure if you can even have the correct places to install the whole T&T unit on a manual tilt.
        you would need the whole assembly not just the motor and relay


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          I have everything along with the relay and know hit to put all that on just having terrible with the wiring, not sure which wires to hook the relay to


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            Sorry I know how it all hooks up except the wiring part. The unit has 2 wires that go to the relay and the relay has 2 wires that go to the motor. Just not sure how that part hooks up..