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Yamaha 200 ox66 won’t start

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  • Yamaha 200 ox66 won’t start

    So I was out yesterday fishing Father’s Day tournament and my motor ran fine for two hours. Shut down to fish and now won’t start? It sounded like for a split second it was going to start and then just cranks like normal no start. I checked fuel lines and filter. Took fuel filter reservoir off pumped ball got fuel easily. Checked spark on one plug good spark. I’m not very good with this motor just trying to learn please help!

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    you need good compression, good spark on all cylinders at the proper time, and proper fuel to air ratio for the motor to start
    test everything you can and then chase the fuel to air ratio if everything else is good


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      Thanks! I did manage to get it to start but still need assistance. I pumped the primer bulb a lot turned the key to on and heard the high pressure pump cycle turned the key off and pump the primer ball again and a lot turned the key to on and heard the high pressure pump cycle again tried to start and it started. So Im not sure why that didn’t work in the lake because I tried to pump the bulb and start it and it would just crank. I didn’t pump it a lot and I did not wait on the high pressure pump to cycle. Got some idea for me? I will run through the compression and all sparks not sure how to check air to fuel ratio? But thanks for your reply much appreciated!


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        sounds like you lift pump is not filling the VST if you have to pump the primer bulb a lot


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          That’s what I’m thinking now that you mentioned it. Would you suggest I go ahead and rebuild the 3 low pressure pumps, change the high pressure filter for starters?


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            inspect or replace the lift pumps and inspect areas that might leak air into the suction side of the fuel system


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              I just got back from vacation looking for the pumps and once I replace them and look things over I’ll report out where I stand. Thanks for the advice!