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F225 TXRB Bogging Down

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  • F225 TXRB Bogging Down

    I recently bought a 2003 F225 TXRB on a 24ft VIP center console. It starts fine, and idols. I can drive through no wake with no issue; but when I get out on the lake, it bogs like a fuel issue maybe and can't even plane out. I have changed the plugs, and I now have the VCT off. The screen looks clean and the needle moves freely. I haven't tested the high pressure pump yet. I assume that I can just hook it to 12v to see if it is working. If it works, my next move will be to change injectors. Can anyone think of anything else I can do? I am wondering if there may be a clogged vent line or something. Any suggestions would be appreciated. And it did sit for a while...

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    well, don't run the high pressure pump 'dry' for more than a second or so
    it needs to be cooled & lubricated by the fuel passing through it.
    And given that the engine starts & runs, the pumps likely fine.

    Very common, for that symptom, to be the screen inside the VST -
    so, disappointing that it is not in this case!

    You can confirm that it actually IS a fuel starvation problem,
    by connecting a pressure gauge to the Shrader valve
    on top of the port side fuel rail -

    if the rail pressure drops when you try to plane,
    it is fuel starvation -
    and since the pump screen is OK -
    it would be the VST not being kept full by the low pressure supply system.
    Lots of potential reasons for that.

    if the rail pressure doesn't drop its either the injectors themselves,
    or not a fuel problem at all.


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      Thank you...I will check that too. I believe he recently changed the low pressure fuel pump. He also said the fuel injectors had never been changed; so I am ordering a rebuilt set online that are supposed to be flow matched also. If not a fuel issue, what else would you think it may be?
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        Originally posted by VIPBananaBoat View Post
        If not a fuel issue, what else would you think it may be?
        Well, few running problems on that engine are not fuel related.
        So let's wait to go there, if we have to.

        Its a bit of a PITA to run with a gauge connected to the fuel rail,
        but if you can bother to do it, its nice to know for sure.

        And some common fuel problem are nailed down using just the primer bulb.


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          When I took it out on the lake, I did notice the primer bulb was not hard and gave it a couple of pumps, but it didn't seem to fix the bogging. Could it possibly be some sort of vent line back to tank? Just thinking in case the injectors don't help...and I will try with gauge on fuel rail. Can I do that out of the water in a tub?
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            no, vent plugged or restriction before the pump would cause the bulb to collapse flat.
            bulb will not stay hard when the fuel pump is sucking on the line.
            and no you cannot run the motor in a tub and put load on it.
            they do make test props for motors so you can back boat into water and run it while still tied to trailer and truck. or tied to a dock.
            But I do not think you can get your hands on one
            Yamaha shop might have one for your motor
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              While I was looking things over; there is a part listed as ORIFICE, AIR VENT 69J-14989-00-00. It is in the vacuum lines on top of the VCT. Should I be able to blow through that easily in one direction or the other?


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                those are not really vacuum lines -
                although I suppose there is 'somewhat reduced'
                atmospheric pressure within the airbox when the engine is running.

                Those tubes 'vent' the 'headspace' of the VST - outwardly

                The orifice should pass air (in either direction)
                but with restriction,
                such that I doubt you could discern flow while 'blowing into it".

                Here is it what it looks like when connected to compressed air:


                If you want to test whether it is the cause for your 'bogging' -
                remove it,
                and then put an extension on that hose,
                and run that out the bottom of the cowling through one of the drains.


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                  Lots of online forum posts about injectors, having a spare set, getting them cleaned/rebuilt etc. I could see having to do this if you have bad fuel in tank due to storage issues, etc. I have a 15 year old F series Yamaha and never had to touch the injectors. Can’t remember if Fairdeal ever replaced/rebuilt his F225 injectors. He is probably around 3000 hours now. Maybe he can tell us?


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                    The boat did sit for a while, and after that there was always an issue that he could not find. There may have been bad gas at one time also; but he said he had the tank completely drained and has used stabilizer since. The VCT filter being good...I ordered a set of rebuilt injectors. I am also thinking about changing fuel lines to the tank...apparently someone had a similar issue that was caused by old lines collapsing.


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                      I would think that if the fuel line collapses on the suction side of the lift pump and if it was between the tank and primer bulb, the bulb would collapse also .

                      fairdeal or boscoe can one of these F225 motor run at all at even idle if the high pressure pump does not run?
                      maybe it is the z motors I was thinking of that could idle with the pressure of the lift pump


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                        My father seems to think the pressure for the high pressure pump may be inadequate even if operating. Told him I would wait and test after the injectors go in...but he told me he ordered both new pumps. I would think the low pressure pump is working if the motor starts and runs...either way...guess that will rule out the pumps.