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F9.9ae - CDI box needed?

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  • F9.9ae - CDI box needed?

    Hello one and all.

    I have a yamaha f9.9ae 4 stroke (the old white model). It starts okay most of the time, and runs okay until warm then runs very rough and gives little to no power.
    It seems to run ok for a few minutes and then power drops to virtual idle. It keeps running but even on full throttle does little more than putt along - then suddenly it kicks in and your off (as much 'off' as you can be with a 9.9). It then drops in and out of power randomly every few minutes

    I have done the following:
    Spark plugs are new (im switching between no #5 and #6spark plugs for testing purposes) and are new.
    New spark plug caps.
    Oil has been checked and is the right level
    Carb has been cleaned by a garage
    Fuel is fresh out the pump.

    The last result now is for a new CDI box - only issue is i cant find one??
    All that is written on the box is excactly as written and displayed:

    6g8 - 22

    But ive been googleing for the last 3 days and not found anything online in stock / available??
    Am i able to mix and match boxes with different numbers? I presume not as it would be much like an ecu so not a one type fits all arrangement.

    Anyone able to offer advice or a solution to how to get a cdi box as they seem to be in non existence???

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    Anyone have any ideas yet??

    Just bumping thread for attention.


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      I would check peak voltages into and out of the CDI to see if they stay in spec before buying parts.
      click the Yamaha parts link at top of page

      are you sure the motor is not going into RPM reduction due to over heat or oil pressure problems?