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Yamaha alarm issues

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  • Yamaha alarm issues

    I have a 2000 Yamaha Vmax 225 that I recently took to a shop for a simple losing prime issue. The shop reported they couldn’t recreate the problem but then proceeds to tell me that my motor has been ran overheated since I’ve had it (approx 8 month). My alarm has once never gone off, good stream from the tell tale, and has never gone into limp mode or cut any power. They said because my gauges didn’t work ( they do work but you can’t read them, just shipped them to gauge saver to have them restored) that my alarm wouldn’t go off. Even if the alarm didn’t go off if the motor over heated it would go into limp mode correct? They really threw me a curve ball and while I’m pretty sure my motor hasn’t gotten hot it’s got me worried. I removed the boat from the shop and decided to do all the work myself. I’m pretty good mechanically but electrical is where my wits run out. I already ordered some parts to freshen it up (water impeller, fuel filters, water seperator, ect.) but I’m still stumped about the alarm and over heating issue and was hoping for some insight if anybody has had the same issues.

    Appreciate the help fellas!

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    Does the alarm work properly?


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      I’m not 100% sure. I pull the kill switch with the key on but it doesn’t come on. That’s the only way to test that I know of without trying to get the motor hot


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        did you try turning the motor over (key to start position) or just key to on position?


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          I did both, no alarm sound