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No water from telltale 2006 four stroke

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  • No water from telltale 2006 four stroke

    Hi I have just purchased a 2006 Yamaha fourstroke no water from tell tale no alarms going off is there a period on startup that no water comes out until thermostat reaches correct temp or should water always run never bought a four stroke my two strokes constantly pump water has technology changed please help

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    unless I've missed it,
    you haven't mentioned the horsepower -
    there are some differences on "2006 four stroke" models
    between F2.5 and F250

    regardless, the thermostat does not need to open for water to exit the telltale

    but particularly on larger engines,
    it is normal for 'a few seconds' to elapse on startup
    before the telltale stream appears.

    as long as it 'eventually' shows up -
    I wouldn't worry


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      Larger HP engines, especially, may not always pee on a hose (depends on flow/pressure/hose size/hose length) - and you didn't mention if this was in the water or on a hose. It can definitely take a little time - sometimes even 30 seconds or so - for it to start peeing.

      How long did you run it "with no alarms" showing up?

      With everything else being good, if you still don't get it peeing, it could be as simple as a clogged pee hole.
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