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2003 vmax hpdi 200 troubles

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  • 2003 vmax hpdi 200 troubles

    Last October I bought a new to me boat with a 2003 yamaha hpdi vmax 200 on it. Prior to taking it out for the first time last year I changed the 10 micron racor filter in the bilge, all six injector filters, vst filter, clear plastic fuel filter, metal canister filter and the spark plugs, and I had a compression test done before I bought it and it has good compression. I took it out once before the winter and it took a really long to time to get on plane, but once it did it ran at 5700-5800 rpm but only went 55 mph, when specs for this boat should be mid sixties. I put it to bed for the winter and took it out for the first time this year last weekend, and the exact same thing was happening. Thinking it may be a prop to pad adjustment (was at 4 inches which is low for this boat) I raised the jackplate so my prop to pad is now 3 inches. Took it out yesterday and now the boat wont get on plane and will only hit 2000 rpm. It seems like it is getting spark and firing on all six cylinders since I pulled the sparkplugs and they all clearly show signs of use. I didn't change the low pressure fuel pumps but the primer bulb gets hard in 2-3 pumps and stays hard and the engine idles and starts on the first crank every time, regardless of if its a cold start or has been used. I have not changed the jackplate back to the original setting of four inches, but I feel like that is not the problem since 3 inches is a normal setting for this engine/boat. After taking it out for the first time last year as part of winter storage I pulled all six sparkplugs and gave each cylinder five seconds worth of fogging oil and turned the engine over with the plugs out. I attached a photo that I took today of one of the new plugs from last year after 45 min of run time and burning off the fogging oil ( they all looked the same so I only took 1 photo). I haven't been getting any alarms, and oil pumps from the remote tank in bilge into engine mounted tank fine ( wasn't certain if oil sensor could trigger safety mode) I also checked the neutral safety switch under the cowling and it is making good contact. I checked the fuel lines from the tank to motor and they all seem good. Since it's a 2003 it does have an o2 sensor which I have not cleaned.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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    need to find out what the rail pressure is doing.
    need to make sure your alarm system functions as it should.
    need to test all spark plugs to see if they get spark in gear