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2016 F6 fuel leak ?

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  • 2016 F6 fuel leak ?

    I’ve got a 2016 F6 - when I take it off my boat and lay it on it’s side
    tiller arm down.i see fuel leaking from fuel bowl vent?
    is this normal ?
    just a slight seep

    i dong have the specs to check float level - but the motor runs
    fantastic !

    help ??

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    when you lay it down the fuel does not stay at the bottom of the fuel bowl, so float setting has no bearing of this.
    you can drain the bowl before taking motor off of boat to stop this.
    does the tank have a fuel shut off valve before the carb?
    if so turn that off too


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      Ok,so this is normal ?


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        I do not have a F6 so I cannot say for sure, but common sense is what I wrote about.
        you need to check with your owners manual to see how to lay the motor down to keep oil from going to the wrong places and maybe they would recommend what to do about fuel also


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          Originally posted by Freaky1974 View Post
          Ok,so this is normal ?
          The carb isn't designed to hold fuel when sideways or not upright. So yes, seepage would be expected.

          As noted, either drain the float bowl or simply run it out of fuel which will get most of the fuel out of the carb.

          Again, as noted, check to see EXACTLY how to transport that engine with engine oil in it.. Oil can seep into places it shouldn't be...
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