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1993 Yamaha v4 130 main air bleed

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  • 1993 Yamaha v4 130 main air bleed

    First post here.
    I am tracking down a "low" power output at WOT for my motor (Yamaha 130BETO). When cleaning the carbs last time I noticed that the main air bleed jet size was #220, and my service manual states a #240 size for this engine. Can the main air bleed reduce the amount of fuel drawn in to the cylinders at WOT?

    The SN of my carbs does not match the SN stated in the service manual, but I would think its close enough.
    My carb SN: 6L102 and the service manual states: 6L103

    Thanks for help!

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    What service manual are you looking at? Should be LIT-18616-XX-XX. Need the X's. Yamaha USA SM's don't typically specify part numbers. That is the function of the parts catalog.

    What is the ID of your particular model motor?

    A USA model 130TXXR shows the use of carburetors with -01 carburetors.


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      The service manual I am using is one I downloaded from some website. I cant find the numbers you are asking for, but here is a picture of the cover page.
      My motor SN is: 130BETO 306706

      Also, attached is the site from the service manual where I found the #240 main air bleed
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        Your motor by serial number is shown to be a 1993 model year. Which agrees with the title of your post.

        The service manual you are using appears to be for a later model motor. Wrong manual for your motor. Look in the front of the manual to see when it was published. I am guessing later than 1993.

        If you look at the Yamaha parts catalogs you will see that your year model used the -01 carburetors. Later versions used the -02 and then the -03 carburetors. Which again leads me to believe that you don't have the correct service manual.

        I looked at a 1993 130 service manual. The -01 carburetor is indicated. A #220 main air jet is indicated.


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          Thank you boscoe99! I will get the correct service manual and start looking for other possible solutions to the low power output.