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1988 yamaha pro50LG hard cold starting

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    Hey guys thanks for the advice.

    I would prefer to exhaust all other options before I have to take the carbs apart. I am no stranger to single carb motors but this one has three and I am afraid that I will never get them linked and synced back together correctly. And I can't find any information online as to how to adjust them. I think I know what the air/fuel screws are but I can't find what they should be set to anyway.

    99yam40, my compression numbers were 110,112,110 in that order from top to bottom. And as far as timing goes I don't have the correct tools/meter to check timing on it so I have to trust the tech that worked on it and he said the timing is right. As far as the battery goes I actually bought a new battery for it today thinking that that might be the problem as the battery I had was up there in age and was my deep cycle battery out of my other boat. So I bought a new interstate Marine 800 CCA starting battery today. I am going to put it in tomorrow and try in out with the muffs in the driveway.

    Will post back with the results.

    Again I appreciate your guys help.


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      Originally posted by panasonic View Post

      Still working until April 20, then forced vacation for Two least. We are still flying 10% of normal schedule. Airplanes parked all over the place. Small number of mechanics will be kept on to do the storage maintenance...which is going to keep them very busy.

      Hopefully this will start to turn around in a few months...need a vaccine for this dirt sooner rather than later.

      Everybody please be smart and safe!!!

      ps. Boeing is to big to fail.
      Yes, Boeing is too big to fail. Gonna be interesting. USG has hammered Airbus for getting European government support. Now the USG will support Boeing. The worm has turned. Methinketh governments are hypocrites.

      Check out this video of parked aeroplanes all over the world.


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        I didn't get a chance to work on the boat yesterday due to the snow storm we had come through. I will hopefully get to it today or tomorrow. Thanks again guys.


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          Take the airbox off,get a bit of mixed gas in a squirt bottle, open throttle, spray a small amount into each carb throat, close the choke and try to start with throttle at start position. If it fires right up, as it should, then you know you have a fuel problem.

          Careful spraying gas around....have a small fire extinguisher handy.


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            Hey all,

            Thanks again for your help. I got the chance to take the boat out over the weekend. I bought a new battery for it and installed it. I made sure the motor was level with the water, pumped the bulb, pulled out the choke and cranked the motor for 5-10 seconds and she popped right off. So i dont know if it was the fact that it was 70 degrees out this time, or the new battery or the motor being level before i pumped the bulb. but either way i am happy to say that i think this issue is resolved. Thanks again.


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              good the hear,
              report back if it gives trouble again


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                Hey everyone,

                I wanted to add an update here, I also had a faulty CDI box. Replaced that and now she starts and runs like a top!!!! Thanks for everyones help.


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                  Interesting, what did you find wrong with the CDI?

                  maybe Good peak voltage into CDI and bad coming out of it to the ignition coils?


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                    It had good peak voltage coming into the CDI but had an intermentant no spark condition coming out going to the #2 coil. That caused the whole motor to just shut down just like you switched off the key.


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                      I would not have thought killing spark to just #2 would shut down the motor
                      good to hear it is running well now


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                        Glad you got it fixed up.Where did you dig up a replacement CDI for that engine?


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                          This is where i found a new CDI box.....