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2011 F70 tilt trouble.

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  • 2011 F70 tilt trouble.

    Hello, first post here.
    Here goes, my F70 has been functioning flawless for the year i have had it. But suddenly yesterday the tilt does not work. The trim part is working and the tiltmotor is running. Sounds like it meets resistance just past the trim portion of the travel. I have tried opening the bypass and lifting it manually, but no sucsess. The engine is on a bracket and i didnt get alot of force on it, not sure how hard it should be lifting through the bypass. Removed the hydraulic steering in case it seized up there, but no difference.

    I have had an "alarm" in the display for the year i have had it, 28 shift position switch, but havent had any trouble because of it, and just ignored it, so dont believe it could have an effect on the tilt.

    Will upload a video to YouTube shortly and link.

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      I'm not a large man, nor young, nor strong -
      for me, 'manually tilting' a 70 hp motor would be impossible
      I'd need another guy to help - maybe two.

      I've only managed it myself with jacks or hoists.
      Also, note, the bypass needs to be fully open -as far as it can be turned out.
      (there's a snap ring that will not allow it to actually come out)

      I wonder if you could simply be low on fluid.
      Once you manage to tilt it all the way up 'manually' -
      you can check the fluid level:
      fill it to overflowing.

      Of course if that is the problem,
      it may take several tries to add fluid,
      cycle down and back up to replace air with fluid,
      add fluid again, etc.
      And if it is that low on fluid,
      you've got a significant point of leakage to address.

      Another possibility is a bound-up tilt tube -
      the mechanical axis that the engine swings on.
      I haven't experienced it myself -
      but apparently that can corrode to the point of immobility...


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        Thank you for the reply.
        I had the bypass valve fully open, and managed to move the engine, but not far.
        Some years ago i had a 50hp yamaha 2 stroke with manual tilt, only 20kg/40lbs lighter and had no problem tilting by hand.
        But probably not comparable.

        If there is a leak it is sudden and major, because i have had no problems in the days running up to yesterday,
        have used the boat daily the last two weeks, tilt has been running fast and smooth.
        Will try get some help to tilt the engine next time. I really hope there is an easy and cheap explanation.
        I dont think there is major corrotion, snapped a picture under to look.
        The boat is on the water, and abit harder troubleshooting.


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